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Expert Category: MEDICINE & HEALTH - General

Specialties: Psychiatry, Forensic Psychiatry, Pharmaceutical Product Liability, Malingering and Misattribution, Toxic Torts, Neuropsychiatry, Brain Injury, Employment (Discrimination, Harassment, ADA, Worker's Compensation), Independent Medical Examinations & Testing, Medical & Psychiatric Malpractice, Suicide, Informed Consent, Professional Ethics, Criminal Justice & Public Safety, Diminished Capacity, Sentencing Mitigation, PTSD, Pain Management, Divorce and Custody, Disability Evaluations, Addiction, Testamentary Capacity. Plaintiff and defense expert with local and national references. Individual and class actions. Distinguished patient care-focused clinician; Co-Founder of the Program in Psychiatry and the Law and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

Degrees/Licenses: BA, MD, Lic.: MA, NH, National Medical Board Certification.

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PSYCHIATRY-Forensic Psychiatry

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