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R.A. West Associates, Inc.
Robert A. West
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Expert Category: FAILURE ANALYSIS - General

Specialties: Scientific & Engineering Disciplines: Chemistry (Analytical, Organic, & Inorganic), Microbiology, Geology, Hydrogeology (Surface & Groundwater), Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering. Services: Project Management, Claim Investigation, Litigation Support, Expert Testimony, Health & Safety Issues Management, Cost Analysis & Project Cost Estimating. Types of Projects/Contaminants: Post-Fire Smoke Spread Analysis/Contaminant Definition & Delineation Projects/Claims; Post-Fire Cause & Origin Analysis, Damage Assessment, & Cleanup Projects/Claims; PCB and/or Dioxins Contamination Assessment/Removal Projects/Claims; Asbestos Contamination Assessment/Removal Projects Claims; Groundwater Contamination Projects/Claims (organic & inorganic contaminants); Water Resources Management/Rights Projects/Claims; Soil Contamination Assessment/Removal Projects/Claims.

Degrees/Licenses: MS (pend.), BS Chem.; CHMM, CEI, REM; UST (NJ), CAQS, CIPS.

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